About Us

CAYS (Consulting at Your Service) is the name we've chosen to represent our dedication to efficiency. In 2015, our founders set out to create a consulting service that would do things differently. They built a dedicated team that has profound expertise in understanding your core strengths and finding the right opportunities to develop your career. Today, we are a global Information Technology company that helps professionals find employment at Fortune 500 companies.

For the people, by the people

People have always been our core strength and inspire us to succeed. This is true for our talent, our clients, or even our entire organization. Enabling them is our motto. Our team works with you to attain your career goals with transparency, fairness, and constant support. Once we find opportunities that match your skillset and ambitions, we feel just as excited as you. This is just the beginning!!! Join the Team

We go the extra mile

CAYS team members come from varied backgrounds to create a collaborative work environment that retains talent at different levels of their careers. That's how we conduct our business: with respect and compassion. We believe each candidate has a unique life story, and we want to help them identify the best career path for them. Our goal is to create a relationship that lasts, so don’t forget that we are always just a phone call or an email away.

Perks & Benefits

  • Medical, Dental & Vision

    Medical, Dental & Vision

  • 401 K

    401 K

  • Career Advancement

    Career Advancement

  • Employee Discount Program

    Employee Discount Program

  • Competitive Wage

    Competitive Wage

  • Paid Sick Days

    Paid Sick Days

  • Paid Holidays

    Paid Holidays

  • Bi-weekly Pay

    Bi-weekly Pay


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